Monday, August 3, 2009

Them chains, they're 'bout to drag me down..

So I got arrested.

Are you surprised?
(didn't think so)

I seem to have a run with shitty landlords. And then an even bigger sausage-head fat-ass short little Napoleon brunt who probably got kicked out of highschool football and decided to be the biggest asshole in his fraternity.

I mean, yeah, I'm talking about the cop the landlord brought on Saturday morning. The first of the month. I'm such an idiot for thinking casually. That last day means the line between 19 hours of locked up four wall freezing no-rights torture. Miranda rights are apparently optional..

"People should not be afraid of their governments, Governments should be afraid of their People."

Fuck, man. I'm starting to really believe that people are innately evil, whereas I've always believed the opposite. This whole thought of, "nice guys finish last" is terribly true, I'm realizing. HOWEVER that doesn't give you right to be a dick about it, letting it make you evil, too. Which, I suppose, goes against what I just said about innately evil.

It's a confusing thought that I've struggled with,
that linked to the idea of Nature vs Nurture
(which, I suppose, is the same).

I really think all of this (the hate against a group (any group)) is some American Dream mindset gone completely sour. Everyone's better than everyone else. Many people (most?) judge you upon meeting you. The worst of them are the chivalrous-less brainless power-by-force types that squash others on their scramble to be bigger and better than YOU. I keep saying it, but what happened to manners and a sense of community?

Don't ask me what happened, just listen to the grape vine.
I know you're all waiting for some juicy gossip.

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markamorrison said...

Bummer about the arrest.

I don't think people are born bad, but most of us have been damaged along the way. When most people lived on farms and in small towns there weren't that many people to do you harm and others would look out for you. These days with most of us in cities there are a lot more people trying to damage us in their own image and too many of the good people are hiding out from them.

Hope you find some good people.