Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Roaring Jeeps

Jeeps are taking over my life. And appropriately. Anyone with a fucking jeep is cool, I swear to god.

But that's really besides the point (other than the fact that four wheeling is absolutely amazingly fucking fun). The real point is that:

Tonight there's a meteor shower. Amazing!

I could not be more excited.
I'm setting an alarm for 4:15 and I pity those who are in big cities and are missing out on such adventurous marvels.

And of course, I'm bringing my awesome Rolleiflex.



brooke lynne said...

It really was amazing last night. Hope you enjoyed it!

Meagan Sample said...

I fucking missed it cause I'm an asshole and slept through my alarm.. shouldn't have gone to bed! I'll catch some tonight, though. I've never seen one!