Monday, February 1, 2010

January is Over

photo by George Bogatko

2,000 miles. 8 states.
Too many friends to count.
I'm terribly stressed about money but I'm happy, otherwise.
I hold my breath and use my credit card and pray that it'll all work out in the end.
After all, I could die tomorrow and then none of it would matter anyway.
I've paused in Virginia with my friend, Shakti, who is super
and houses me happily and it's comfortable and safe and easy and I like all those things.

Soon enough I'll continue on to Florida, but for now I'll enjoy the snow as it comes and goes- oh how I love how it snows one day and the next it's 50 degrees.

I've been introduced to latex clothing and corsets and I love both. I'm reading Venus in Furs and have a pile of other books still to read.

and that's about it. I'm content.


Jessica Anne Guyette said...

I miss youuuuuuu even though going out with you is like playing Russian Roulette- you bring adventure to my life again and again. Hope all is well with you and good luck on your travels <3 Feel free to call whenevaaaaa bitch.

brooke lynne said...

Always adored you miss Meagan. I hope all your travels treat you well, and that your spirit soars!! If you're ever in Minneapolis, you have a place to stay.