Tuesday, July 28, 2009


As of tomorrow I am sorrrtaaa kindaaaa homeless.
I mean, I always have my grandmother's and that IS where I hauled all my shit today.
Three car loads and a cargo van full.
Mostly all by myself.
And while this partly extremely frustrating.. It's also very empowering.
I packed, carried, lifted, struggled, sweat (a LOT)
Over and over and over and over
up stairs and down stairs and up and down and up and down..
I had help with the dressers and desk.
And by the end of it, I am exhausted.
And free.
I am fucking free.
Free free free FUCKING FREE!!

I have no home, no money, my car is falling apart, my computer is not far behind, my baby kitty Pan disappeared ( ;( ), I chopped my hair, I got rid of half my shit(uhm, again..), I have no reliable friends, zero love interest, no sex drive, no plan, no fucking obligation or expectation!

So fuck you, too!

And I love you. :)

(but not you... and sorta you... definitely not you... maybe you... but you, you, you and you? yes.)




sammaversa. said...

kev moved out come stay in my beddddddddd.

miss you slut.

Wolf189 Photography said...

Very sorry...but at least you lead an exciting bohemian life style...as long as you can survive the difficulties, you'll be fine.

Wish you lots of luck