Monday, December 8, 2008

Finally, Olympus

Finally! I got my olympus stylus epic in the mail. $40 off of ebay and even came with the case - practically brand fucking new.

And while I adore the cameras that have been given to me by family and close friends, this.. this is the first camera that I bought... well, besides the dozens of polaroids and such, most of which don't work but that I've just collected since I was little to look pretty.

Finally, I shot something today. Finally I have my little camera.

But being evicted is not something to look forward to, especially to kick off the new year and, oh, by the way, Merry Fucking Christmas, Meagan. Christ.

Where do I go? What do I do? Move to Syracuse with Holly, Chicago with Melody, New York City filled with people to photograph, Pittsburgh? Back pack Europe? South America?

How does one pick up and move with a month notice?

Above is a shot of Melody, intended to be a head shot for her book.. I don't know if I have anything she'll put in it, but the more I look at this one, the happier I am with it. Thanks, Mell, for letting me have it, even if you weren't very happy with me.

There are two people I can always rely on, Mell is one.


James M Graham said...

It's beautiful.

Juliette said...

some serious change will be good for you. light a fire under your ass.

Anonymous said...

Obviously you need to become an au paire and English teacher.

sammaversa. said...

we need to play with your new toys.