Sunday, November 2, 2008


I was not a cat or a zombie Sarah Palin. I was a gypsie... again. An excuse to walk around with my stomach out and my coin belt and huge hippy skirt. Me and two foxy ladies roamed about looking for adventure but unfortunately didn't come by much of anything, ended at a bar where I proceeded to get housed properly on long island iced teas, woke up confused and that's always pretty telling. But I had a fabulous relaxing day and Holly and I made our Saturday dinner (she's amaazing in the kitchen!), watched a couple movies.

Today is the Celtic pagan holliday Samhain, which is what Halloween is based off of (that an other similar pagan holidays like the Day of the Dead). I always think a lot about my father and what he'd be doing at my age. Every year I'm closer to being the age he was when he died, a mere 26. Along with Samhain being the day dedicated to the last harvest, the end of summer, past loved ones and spirits and Gods being more accessible, it is also the New Year.

I've thought about past loves and futur loves, I had champagne and wondered if it was really possible to talk to the dead, and come to the conclusion that if Jesus can turn water to wine, then surely there are fairies. I threw away his toothbrush and picked my camera back up, too long it's been without it's Master's touch.

I feel like snuggling in for the winter, dreading it yet loving it. My hybernation is coming, someone yell at me, please, if you notice me not shooting.

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Isabella Reneaux said...

I'm heading to NYC in 13 days, won't you come down and join me? I'll be staying at the chelsea and probably won't leave my room.!.