Thursday, October 30, 2008


I got my nipples pierced the other day... for free by my friend Andrea who is apprenticing. No one else she knows will let her practice on them because they're all babies. Well, nipples fucking hurt to pierce, if you're wondering. But I loves them, they came out great. I almost backed out but Andrea didn't let me. Good girrrl.

Above is my sister, again, from the same night as the other one in a past entry. Melody will be visiting me soon, which is so exciting for multiple reasons but it means I get a model to shoot! Shooting Melody is like a freebee, or cheating or something, I always get good photos out of her, or maybe I'm biased, or maybe both. I have some 35mm that I know are good, too, but have to wait to scan them. Which, by the way, I'm working something out with my school: I'll model for a class if I can use the sanner, labs, develop... I win!

Ohhh and my main proffessor sent off three of my photos to a state-wide college photo contest in Albany, and they all got in.. we'll be hearing soon about results.

My internet's being a cock sucker or I'd post those pictures, too. Of course, they're of Jessalyn and Cris Ashley. Duhh


Chip Willis said...

Remember back when ( when you felt like the professors didn't believe in you and weren't gushing comments ) and I told you that you in fact do have a good eye, and to trust it, and be patient.

This is what I was talking about.

If your photos sucked I'd have never said a word.

Keep shooting and keep an open mind young jedi.

Good luck in the contest!

Anonymous said...

You know who is hilarious?

Meagan Sample said...


James M Graham said...


too bad about the nipples...

mojokiss said...

god i love 35mm - i finally added this blog to my huge blogroll thing on

Lucky B said...

These are all quite badass!

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