Friday, July 4, 2008

So Get This:

For the last four years that I've been taking pictures.. I've been of the mindset to NOT bring up photography in conversation or be caught in talking about it, or to encourage others on the topic. There were too many people (four years ago, at least...) who wanted to tell me all they knew about the subject, and assuming I knew nothing.

But apparently something's changed, because the last two nights I've carried my Konica around at work and it's working serious magic. I took pictures of most of the people who work at Hollyrock, which was fun. There's this one girl, Kristin, who is this bitchy loud wonderful italian princess. Long black hair, perfect makeup, short shorts every week and sporting a solid summer tan. She is obnoxious in that I-Love-Her-For-It sort of way, bitchy in that charming way. She had matching purple underwear on today and is a total ham. Of course, naturally, I asked her to model for me.

There is this other bartender (Shelly) who I've never really talked to and, until tonight, have always gotten not stellar vibes from. But she's proven worthy of the limbo stage - even before she asked me "are you Artistic?". To which I didn't know how to answer.

And Get. This.

Some older guy comes up to me while I'm prancing around on the bar with a bottle of liquor in my hands to pour into the mouths of thirsty costomers for a dollar a shot and, after buying one, asks me if I have a blog, and if I'm a photographer. He then continues to tell me how he loves my work, and not only my modeling and photography but my writing as well. Okay okay, so I understand that I'm a cute girl (not to mention I have naked pictures of myself here somewhere) and he may have just been flattering me... but fuck, dude, who doesn't like to be flattered.

I'll take it. I was pretty caught off guard.

Hopefully half-frame photos of all the pretty bartenders who work with me soon.

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